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Product introduction


(1) equipment model: dt-l-t501;

(2) scope of application: LED T5 batten with a length range of 0.6m to 1.2m;

(3) machine speed: 1000~1200PCS/H;

(4) main motor power: 0.75kw;

(5) power supply type: three-phase 380V AC;

(6) air source: 4-7 bar compressed air source;

(7) machine noise: less than 80dB;

(8) overall size: about 5000X3450 (maximum) X800mm,(length, width and height); Depending on the specific product;

(9) machine weight: 800kg;

Product introduction:

Dt-l-t501 soft substrate automatic splitting and gluing machine, can adapt to different specifications of T5 support and soft substrate, high efficiency, reliable and stable operation, its characteristics are as follows:

(1) equipped with the support automatic gluing mechanism, manual release of jig, support automatic transmission, automatic gluing; The nozzle is specially designed, the thickness and width of the glue is uniform, there is no drawing and the size of the head pile glue; The two end faces of the support are clean without glue.

(2) the main line adopts the step method to automatically transport the support;

(3) the soft substrate is manually placed on the jig. The locating hole of the soft substrate corresponds to the locating hole of the jig. The soft substrate is vacually sucked and automatically transported to the cutting head of the dividing plate;

(4) after the sub-plate is completed, the fixture shifts, and the manipulator automatically absorbs the light strip, and automatically shifts to the top of the bracket, and the manipulator moves down and automatically sticks the soft substrate into the bracket groove;

(5) automatic pressing of soft substrate without rubber;

(6) the machine can quickly produce specifications of different lengths, with man-machine interface and production data acquisition function.

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