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Product introduction


(1)Equipment model:DT-L-T804

(2)Production speed:1200pcs / hour

(3)T8 Overall dimensions:600mm,900mm,1200mm

(4)The motor power:0.4KW

(5)Power source type : 380V 50Hz

(6)The machine noise : ≤80dB

(7)Air supply : 0.6-0.8MPa

(8)Gas consumption : 1000Mз/H

(9)Overall dimensions : 2.5MX1.7MX1.5M

(10)Machine weight : 500KG

T8 automatic testing marking machine DT-L-T804 is a mature product developed by our companys. It has following characteristics:

1. Automatic test product's electrical parameters and automatic check defect LED with CCD

2. Automatic sticking label on the lamp, and automatic marking the lamp.

3. The machine can be used alone or connected with other equipment to form a complete production line.

4. This machine is equiped with MES system, automatic record the data and generate production report.

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