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Product introduction


(1) equipment model: dt-l-bu01,dt-1-bu02,dt-1-bu03

(2) machine function: automatic assembly of LED bulb lamp

(3) production speed: 1200-1500pcs/h;1800-2000pcs/h;3000pcs/h

(4) motor power: 5KW

(5) power supply type :380V 50Hz

(6) machine noise: <80dB

(7) High Pressure air: 0.5-0.8 MPa

(8) Gas consumption (8) : 2000 m з/H

(9) overall dimension :13.5MX2.2MX1.5M

(10) weight :5000KG

Bulb assembly machine series could customers' different needs, you can choose semi-automatic assembly, you can also choose full automatic machine; you can choose low speed assembly and you can also choose high speed machine.

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